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Top Three Reasons to Hire a Wedding Planner

Updated: Jan 13, 2019

Congratulations! You’re engaged. What a magical and special time in your life – I mean you’ve waited your whole life for this. Then it hits you like a ton of bricks – “How in the hell am I going to plan this wedding?!”

First thought is, “Great I have a new fiancé, he’ll be super helpful,” then you realize his answer to every question is, “Wow babe, sure!” or the classic, “You’re spending HOW MUCH on flowers that are going to die?!”

Moving on – my bestie will be of great help! I mean – she IS my Maid of Honor?! Well, yeah, she’s going to be helpful but is she going to miss out on Ariana Grande headlining Coachella to figure out what color napkins you want? Probably not, but if yes, you should be marrying her instead because that’s a keeper.

Then there’s the final option, a wedding planner. You may be thinking, “I don’t want to spend the money, I can do it all myself,” as you pour yourself a 6th glass of $7.00 Chardonnay. Well yes – maybe you can do it all by yourself but you certainly don’t have to. These are my top three reasons to hire an event planner. (P.S. Pass the wine)

1. We are officially your wedding BFF.

Face it – while your family and friends are so INCREDIBLY happy for you, they have their own lives that can be consumed a multitude of things. They might not be readily available to you when you need a someone to talk to or complain to. That’s where we come in. No question/concern/comment will ever be disregarded by an event planner. Day or night – give us a call.

2. We’re good at maintaining “quality control.”

We will ask the questions and make the suggestion that you may never have considered. On the wedding day, we’ll oversee every little detail coming together. I’m sorry but I never knew a wedding where the couple wanted to be the first people to receive the, “Uh oh” call. No one plans for these things to happen, but its always helpful to have someone dealing with it besides yourself.

3. If you hire a planner, you won’t have to do the following.

Planners develop and manage your task list and budget, match you to your perfect venue, photographer, band, florist, and more, design your tablespace and floor plan, assemble and send your invitations and track your replies, and arrange and oversee your transportation. Did you get a headache just reading that? If the response was yes to the previous question – you may want to consider hiring a planner. 😊

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