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How To Create the Ultimate Wedding Registry

Once you get engaged, the duties of planning a wedding can take over majority of a couples lives for quite a bit. Fortunately, there are a couple events for the bride that typically allow for her to lay back and enjoy – one being her bridal shower and the other her bachelorette. Let’s chat about a bridal shower.

As etiquette goes, your family and friends should be planning those events for you – but your guests will be patiently waiting for you to register. First off, it’s best to get your wedding website up and running as soon as possible. On this website – you can post all the details of your upcoming day plus the bridal shower registry.

Let’s not let the idea of a registry overwhelm you; yes, you can register at multiple places and for items in a wide range of price points. And, the process of compiling all the items you'll list is one of the few wedding planning tasks your fiancé would assumable want to be a part of.

Take a minute to review a few steps that might help you in the process:

1. Make It a Priority

Creating your wedding registry is one of the first things you should do. And to be certain, make sure it is complete before save-the-dates go out or engagement parties and showers are scheduled. People will buy you gifts, and punctual folks will look to do so immediately, so make sure you’ve at least compiled the bones of what you need and desire.

2. Do I Really Love It?

Register only for items that you will use and love. If that bar set, cookware, or traditional salt and pepper set has no place in your home, find something else you will use with greater frequency.

3. You Shouldn’t Do This Alone

Not only is it only important to get your fiancé involved with registering, because after all, it will be something he sees or uses frequently, but it’s also important to find a place to register where they guide you properly through the process. They can help you to better understand which products will match your aesthetic and what will work best with how you live your life. If you aren't excited about your selections, something is wrong.

4. Plan Ahead for Entertaining

Think about products you'll want when your lifestyle changes. As we get older, “we start wearing more and going out less.” Drizzy voice* Think about what you’ll need when you want to host your closest friends, what drinks you'll be serving, and what glasses and stemware you will want to use when the time comes. Even for casual gatherings, you'll also likely serve simple cocktail foods, but arranged nicely on a platter or in a bowl–so consider serving platters as well.

5. Mix High and Low

Your guests will likely be happier if you provide them with a range of price points to choose from. This doesn’t mean that you have to register for cheaply made items, but rather break up expensive items (crystal, flatware) into individual pieces (that colorful diffusor you want) so that people can build up to a price-point they will be comfortable with.

6. Look to the Future

Don’t consider only what you will use now, but also things you will want to use down the road. Hosting Christmas may not be in your two-year plan, but in a few years you’ll be wishing you had registered for that serving pitcher, or those larger pieces of cookware. Additionally, do not forget to stock up on bed linens. Your cozy condo may have you living your best life up in a queen for the next few years, but if that won’t be your forever home and bigger bed could be in the future.

7. Don't Forget Decor

Beyond all the silverware, tableware and kitchen gadgets. A nice mirror, a lamp, throws, and pillows will help make your marital house feel like a home, and guest will love seeing their gifts in daily use.

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